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So, what's in these delicious "snaks"?

Only 5 ingredients

Yes, you read that right! Our tasty plant-based chicharrones are naturally vegan with only 5 ingredients:

– a special mix of brown seaweeds
– whole wheat
– sea salt
– baking soda (as a leavening agent, to make them pop)
– maize flour (as a thickening agent, to give consistency)

To make them puffy and crunchy, we fry them for a few seconds. Of course, we only use top quality and healthy oils (rice bran/safflower and/or sunflower) to provide extra nutrition. 

Our seaweed... is harvested sustainably in the clean waters of northern Baja California. Same goes for our sea salt.

Original Flavor... although it's made with seaweed, it does not have a "fishy" taste - promise! Our plant-based snack has a neutral but unique flavor that allows for it to be paired with any dips, salsas, guacamole, etc…or just by itself!

Texture… is essential and is very similar to the traditional pork cracklings. Crunchy and thick enough that it won’t break when dipping on that creamy guacamole (don't you just hate it when chips break?!). 

Supporting families… because helping others is crucial to living a full life. We are here, thanks to our hardworking harvesters. When you buy our products, you support them indirectly because it is through their work here they can provide a decent life to their families.